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Are you a saver or an investor?

December 2018 saw one of the worst declines in the stock market in recent memory. As the market declined, I was more disappointed in the investors who sold off their shares than the ones who stayed invested. Trade wars and political instability have helped to increase volatility, and events like this trigger sell offs. Even so, historically markets have bounced back and continued to grow.

Hikari is a financial freedom fighter

I was so inspired by the efforts of one of my clients that I asked if I could write a blog about her successes. She agreed!

This number determines your financial health

How financially healthy are you? Do you really know? There is one number that helps you determine your financial health more than any other number – that is ‘net worth’. Most people do not know how to calculate their net worth. Now, if they did, they would be more aware of their financial situation.

R-E-S-P – What does it mean to … you?

I’m not sure what the weather’s like in the rest of Canada, but in southern Ontario it’s been hot hot hot! I hope you’re enjoying your summer. It’s a great time to take advantage of the warmer weather and enjoy all that Canada has to offer. If you’re travelling abroad, enjoy your new adventures and be safe!

Are you ready for retirement?

One of my favorite things to talk about is retirement. This is the time a lot of Canadians start slowing down, enjoying more leisure time (and perhaps doing the travelling they couldn’t do when they were younger). Retirement can be a wonderful time. Unfortunately, it can also be a struggle.

Countdown to financial independence – freedom calculator

What’s your freedom number? It is as individual as you are. I love talking about this number and what it represents. The larger the amount of income you achieve, the more financially free you become.

Why financial independence?

Why not!? Why wouldn’t you want to have freedom to do what you like. Children have this freedom when they are young if they live in a good home with all their needs taken care of.

When is your Freedom Day?

When will be your Freedom Day? Do you even care? Do you dream of the day when you don't have to work for a pay check? Did you know that it was possible? It's called financial independence - when your passive income is greater than your living expenses.

SAVE your retirement!

In London, Ontario we love hockey. It keeps many of us entertained. A lot of our Canadian hockey players are international stars. The players today protected themselves against the unexpected by wearing the proper protective gear. But unlike hockey players, many Canadians are not protected against unexpected events like a death, a long-term disability or a life-threatening critical illness and in some cases end up going into bankruptcy or becoming reliant upon the government.

The nasty b-word

Recently my clients, Jack and Jill, told me they were having trouble paying down their mortgage and wanted help putting a plan together to get back on track and saving for what’s important to them.